Crabby cuts up

Holy papercut, what a lot of work! This weekend I will be going to a small local quilt show as a vendor for the very first time! I am so nervous… the Office Boy and I have been working like mad making copies of my patterns. I have never gone through so much paper and ink in my life! Never mind the folding and stuffing and gluing and trimming and pricing and, and. and……

I am not out of the woods yet – bought more paper today for the bezillionth time, and still did not manage to bring home enough – I am short 50 fancy pages for the pattern covers. So back to the store I go tomorrow….

Strangest thing…..I have noticed that when I go to the Candy Store Future Shop for more goodies, er supplies, that my credit card starts to tremble as I get to the door. The nearer to an Apple product I get, the more trembling and buzzing from my wallet. I hear these soft sneaky voices whisper “Do it! Buy that  Apple monitor, you know you reaaallllly want it! And that new iMac and those Bose speakers too. Just charge it. CHARGE it. You can pay for it later. Who cares if it takes years to pay……..go on, BUY IT, BUY IIIIITT!”

Do your credit cards talk to you like that?

I will post some pics of the tiny quilt show in the next week, and tell you all about it. So nervous!

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