Crabby has a Fit

Well holy caRap! I needed to send one tiny stinkin’ letter to a town 50 miles from here. Thanks to the postal strike my only option to get it there pdq was Purolator.I can’t believe what they charge to deliver a letter that weighs nothing. I guess I have to pay for the gas for the entire trip to make sure that stinking letter gets delivered. I guess I have to pay for theĀ  driver’s lunch and coffee too. I also paid for his kids college education and his trip to the Bahamas.

I know it’s not the driver’s fault. I know that Purolator is not on strike. But did they have to gouge me quite so badly? Still reeling from the shock, and wondering how to stretch the pittance left in my purse out through the week. GAD! ! I am SOME MAD at Canada Post, and the damage this strike is doing to small business owners who have enough of a struggle every day. SMARTEN UP!

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