Crabby Maudie and garage sale-ing

Holy whatwasithinkin…. it was 7:30 a.m., cold, rainy, waaay too early for Crabby, who is sitting on the couch with a coffee in my hand, wondering why in heaven’s name I even got out of bed. I was almost to the stairs, ready to give in to the urge to crawl back under the covers when Sister-in-law Iona pulls into the driveway. She’s ready – rain jacket, GPS loaded, full tank of gas, to-go coffee cup in her hand, change in her purse. Time to hit those garage sales.

OK, I thought, it won’t be that bad. Those “rain or shine” people have an actual garage to sell their stuff from. We’ll be warm and dry. It was pouring out. Every place she parked had a puddle on my side of the car, or mud, or a ditch. I was wearing loafers fer cryinoutloud. My rain jacket doesn’t have a hood so I had on a fleece hoodie. They are not water-proof.

But, it was not as crowded as usual – only the die-hards, and idiots like us. I couldn’t find a thing from my list, which unfortunately for me is fairly exclusive – a bird bath, etched wine glasses and water glasses, silver flatware from the early 1900s, a white Singer Featherweight circa 1951, a pair of new Manolos in my size somebody put out by mistake…. so of course I was forced by circumstances to buy things not on my list.

Unfortunately it continued to be a miserable morning, nothing really jumped out at us and said “buy me!”, and so we were heading to Tim’s for a fresh coffee and to get warm when Iona spotted the hand lettered sign… ” House Sold. Moving Sale. Indoors. Everything Must Go”. Of course we had to stop and go in. And there it was….my find of the day….one I wasn’t even looking for – a matching lamp to the one I’d had on my buffet for years……oh gloriosky!


The nice lady even wrapped it in plastic so it wouldn’t get wet on the way to the car (did I mention it was pouring out?)

Smiling and grinning I was happily gloating over my “find”, rubbing it in about how “lucky” I’d been, and generally being a smart ass, when the seal on the sunroof on my side of the car let go and a stream of ice cold water flowed down the back of my neck. Well, crap.

I hate garage sale-ing.

But come next Saturday morning, guess where I’ll be….the game is afoot!

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