Crabby Maudie and the Bugs

Holy iceinmydrink, what a lovely day. Moved the office out to the deck to take advantage of the free heat. Beauty spot, just outside my sewing room window.

Life was pretty good until I saw specks of grit moving across my screen. Grit? Moving? Danged if they weren’t itty bitty bugs, and not only were they on the laptop, they were in it, around it, under it… they’re driving me crazy! They look like a tiny speck of dirt I need to wipe off my screen, but the little beggars keep running… and now I have these great greasy streaks all over the place. They’re crawling over my feet, up my pant legs, down the back of my neck, and into my drink! Just thinking about them makes me itch all over. Well, crap.

Miss Hiss looks like she wants to keep a minimum safe distance between her and the thing that’s snorting, grunting, squealing, mewling, twitching and waving its arms and legs around. Stupid cat. She should be eating these things, that’s her job!

Sometimes she looks at me a certain way and I feel like she caught me doing something stupid….like the bug dance on the back deck. (….that’s why I gave up listening to music on my iPod when I walk, and listenĀ  to books instead….)

Here are the first free patterns to go up on my web site, as soon as I have them in PDF format, which I hope will be by next week. I will hopefully have a few more soon, and many many links to charitable sewing projects for you all to get involved in.

Now that I’ve swiped all the little bugs from the top of my drink, and out of the laptop, think I’ll go and get them out of my eye. Sigh.

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