Crabby goes to Market

Holy tinyquiltshow! Did I learn a lot this weekend! First thing I learned is that my display skills need to improve. Colour! I need colour! And lots more samples….guess I’d better get busy in the sewing studio.

Second thing I learned is that people really do want to see you succeed. What a great welcome for my first trip into the vendor’s arena. I was very kindly made to feel welcome, and one of the group. I met some very talented ladies and gentlemen willing to help a newbie out.

I also learned how great it is to have the support of family and friends. Without the help of my two buddies Alice and Iona, I would never have had the courage to actually go to the quilt show and set up a table. Not only that, but they sat with me through the heat and long days, holding my hand and interacting with the customers and generally promoting my product like mad. Ladies……..I owe you.

I had a great time, learned tons, saw a lot of really great quilts and quilting, and am slowly learning the ropes. Add to everything great support from my local quilt store, Life’s a Stitch, and my confidence can go nowhere but up! Crabby is pleased!



Annnndddd…….. here she is……… my first customer, ever.







Sore butt and all, it was a great experience for me. I hope to have hundreds more just like it!


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