Crabby at the Quilt Show

Holy heatwave! Here I am panting in my booth at the Richard’s Landing Quilt show, in this stinkin hot weather. Luckily, I had a fan under the table that was able to keep the Office Boy and myself a little cooler than a steamed clam…… but not by much. Richard’s Landing is a village on St. Joseph’s Island in Lake Huron – the Island is known for its beauty, maple syrup, and the arts of the people living there. This was the 23rd. annual Quilt Show and I am proud to have been a part of it.

As you can see, this booth is a tad more colourful than the first quilt show attempt. It has more stuff and is better arranged too. I learned a lot from this show, too (including it is not easy to keep the Office Boy amused and out of trouble for three days in bloody hot weather with no internet access or cold beer……but I digress). Quilters are such a generous group! It always amazes me.

Janet Johnson






Life's a Stitch

Sew Little Time












When I got back there was an email waiting to tell me that my patterns are GOING TO QUILT MARKET!   My distributor, The Pattern Peddlers, will have samples of my finished projects and posters of some of my patterns in their booth at International Quilt Market in Houston. So EXCITED I nearly peed! Plus, I heard from another distributor! More on that later as I find out stuff.



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