Crabby Cleaned Up!!

Holy lawnbags! What a difference now that the front yard has been tidied up – of course it helped a lot that a big windstorm blew most of the leaves from our front yard into the neighbour’s. We still have the back yard to do, but the leaves are still sopping wet so we’re procrastinating by saying we’re giving them a chance to dry out and be easier to pick up. Himself and I have a system – we take turns using the bagger on the lawn mower to pick up the leaves (and get a bonus mow done at the same time), then he crabs at me that I’m too slow (picky) and I crab at him that he’s not emptying the bagger right (ever) and is spilling too much back on the lawn. We bicker back and forth for a couple of hours, enjoy the beautiful fall day, and then we’re done, and share a refreshing beverage or two.

this is better

Japanese maples are looking good.

cleaned and raked

Now I have to tell you my Bose story – Himself gave me a set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones a couple of years ago, so I could more clearly hear the audiobooks I love to listen to as I walk (and stare into people’s homes as I walk by to see how they decorate, what kind of lamps they have, what their kitchen cupboards are like – you know, typical nosy peeping neighbour stuff). Well, I love them, and use them all the time until one day when I touched the ear cup and the phones made a loud crackling noise. All audio stopped except for the crackling as long as I was touching the earpiece. So, although the warranty was up, I took a chance and emailed Bose to see if they had ever heard of this happening before. They emailed me back with the standard fix -new battery, which I had already tried. Then they offered to replace the headphones at 25% of the original price, and throw in a coupon for their corporate shipping rate so I could send the broken phones back. I said “Yes, please”, packed up the phones and all their paraphernalia into their case and then into the original box, took my coupon to UPS and sent them back.

Two days later my new phones arrive – minus a case. So, I call Bose, tell them that I shipped everything back, cause nobody said anything about just sending the headphones, and can I please have my case back (and yes, I was polite). The fella says they’re really low on inventory, but he’ll see what he can do. Two days later my new case arrives.

Now…..we should expect good service for every purchase we make, but I believe exceptional service should be rewarded – with our continued custom, and good word of mouth advertising. So I am giving a BIG thumbs UP to Bose for their excellent customer service, and their excellent product.

Have to go do domestic crap now as it is my turn to bake for the Quilt Guild meeting Monday night (Halloween night – Himself will have to be the candy giver-outer all by his own self, which scares him) so I must go throw something together – lemon loaf or chocolate something…WAIT, I can waste another hour or so by looking through some old cookbooks for bars and loaves and junk before I must actually BAKE. Great! Off to pour another cup of coffee and read……

What I;d rather be doing...the Kids' Halloween bags I made for this year.

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