Crabby needs Yard Bags

Holy leafylawn! There’s a pile of red and gold goodness lying aaaaaalll over my yard. I’ve included some pics of the last of the radiant reds, and the state of my front lawn – the back is even worse. We have been cleaning leaves from the driveway for the last two weeks or more, and still they fall. Today it is raining, and that seems to be bringing down the last of them. Too bad….the colour was amazing, breath-taking, and all too fleeting. I love this season.

Have to shout out kudos to my LQS Life’s a Stitch for being so helpful during the weeks of stress getting my samples ready. My Megaquilter chose the moment I needed it most to have a fit and need a visit to the shop – where Robyn promptly lent me the store model so I could finish machine quilting my samples. Hooray for them!!! I don’t know what I would have done if they had not been so kind.

You should see the state of the sewing studio now that I’ve finished the samples for Quilt Market- I am too embarrassed to show you, you’ll have to use your imagination. Picture fabric and patterns everywhere, as well as bags of more fabric and patterns, an ironing board covered in samples needing to be quilted, a sewing machine or two on the floor waiting for their turn on the table, and drawing pads, pencils, and tracing paper where they should not be. Add in a cup of cold coffee, and a pile of tea towels awaiting embroidery and you’ll start to get the picture. I call it constructive chaos. Himself just rolls his eyes and leaves the room.

Tomorrow is the Common Threads exhibit at the mall – can’t wait for that and hoping to buy some hand embroidered goodies for the ol’ Christmas stockings. Doing lunch first with the gals, and niece Jennifer before we head to the Mall, clutching five dollar bills in our needy hands. I have been taking hand embroidery lessons (whenever I can squeeze one in) and my instructor Wendy McKinney will be selling her goodies, as well as doing demos, and I would walk five miles over broken glass for one of her pieces – they are that beautiful. Hoping to swell the Christmas gift pile a bit with some hand made goodness – knitted, crocheted, quilted, and embroidered – I’ll take some of everything.

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