Crabby takes a Breather

Well holy freakin tired! I can now rest for a minute! It’s been ages since I posted here – not that I didn’t have anything to say, but I was busy in the sewing room making samples for Quilt Market. So excited to have my work displayed there, and posters of my patterns, too. I sure hope some big time distributors decide they like my work and need to represent me. How cool that would be! I will show you the two new patterns heading to market as freebies in my distributor’s booth, the Pattern Peddlers.

 Now that I can breathe again after the service for Mom, whom we just lost this past August, life has settled down a bit. Still coming to terms with the loss, but in my head I can still hear her laughter, and her calling me “Dear” and see her lovely smiling face, so it gets me through the days. When I dream of her, I dream of she and Dad together again, so that makes me happy.

Gave the Office Boy a ticket to see Jeff Beck, and a trip to the concert for his birthday. Apparently that compares with getting him his own planet – I would say he was just a tad excited. Since I’m not really a fan I guess I’ll have to spend my time buying some new shoes, or a new purse, or a ton of fabric – whatever I can successfully hide in the trunk. On the up side we get to spend a long weekend visiting with dear friends we do not see often enough. We are really looking forward to this time with excellent company, great food, and joyous times. I know there’s going to be lots of laughing going on.

This weekend is our Thanksgiving holiday and we are gathering to celebrate our family and friends and to give thanks for all we have. There’s a big turkey dinner with all the fixin’s – mmmm yum yum yum – looking forward to that pie!  The weather has been phenomenal for this time of year – the leaves are turning but reluctantly – my lobelia is still blooming for cryin’ out loud. It sure doesn’t feel like fall yet. We are still wandering around in t-shirts, and leaving the windows open all day, and barbequing burgers. Lovely!

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