Crabby Goes to Another Quilt Show

Holy crap! It has been some time since I made my last post. I must have been busy! Or perhaps too crabby…

Had a fabulous time at the local quilt show this past weekend. Our booth received tons of positive feedback from the visitors to the show – very encouraging. I wish I had beaucoup photos to share, but sadly that is not to be. Wandered around the show for 20 minutes, taking tons of pics with the new iPad, but apparently I am iPad inept. (How embarrassing for a Computer Science grad to admit this – so I’m saying is it’s the iPad’s fault!!!) Well, perhaps I had my finger on the wrong button, and so I was switching between regular view and zoom, and not actually clicking the shutter! In all fairness here I am going to whine about the fact that when you switch views, the shutter clicks, exactly as it does when you take an actual photo. Add in fabric purchase withdrawal and a serious lack of coffee and mistakes are bound to happen. Only managed to get one fuzzy photo of my own feet….and a few shaky ones from the iPhone, which will have to do. I am hoping that there will be more photos of the show on the Facebook page of our guild (Stitches from the Heart SSM).


Botth for 2012 Quilt Show

Cake for Guild's 20th Anniversary

The Quilting Divas

I WILL have completely mastered the iPad by the next show. Actually, I have it now, and took a video of the cat this morning. It is a tad shaky, but at least it is a video. I must now devise a plan to split my time between the sewing studio and my sadly neglected garden (and perhaps a bit of spare time for housework but that is waaaay down on the list this summer). Himself is King of the BBQ, and since we are led to believe by the calendar, and not the actual weather, that summer is approaching, I am off the hook for much of the food prep duties as well. Great news! More time for me to create new patterns!

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