It’s the Weekend Again!

Holy crap time flies! When I was a kid, a day could seem like weeks and waiting a week for a special treat or a birthday or Christmas seemed to take for-ev-er!! Now, a day goes so fast I am convinced someone sneaks into the house and changes the clocks. A week can fly by in no time, and I always feel like I have not accomplished what I set out to. This afternoon I am for sure going to spend some quality time with some pencils and paper, and get more of those ideas I have swirling in my brain actually down on that paper. Then maybe I can spend a few happy hours making up prototypes – anything to actually handle the fabrics!

Spent a happy few days on a road trip with the girls, searching out bargains and absolutely have-to-have bits of fabric and thread, with maybe a new quilting tool thrown in for good measure. We took a few days to wander from shop to shop in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, laughing, gossiping, eating good food and enjoying each others company. I did find a snippet or two that needed to be in my stash….


I love these little getaways where we travel from quilt shop to quilt shop, admiring the quilts, ooohing and aahhhing over the latest fabulous fabrics, and making new friends and quilting buddies along the way. I will also admit it is a lot more fun to do this in the summer, but I am going to plan an autumn retreat for us I think. We’ll see.

Butch had a fine time helping me sort my scraps early last week. I might as well be honest here and admit I had no choice in the decision making process. No matter how many times I spoke the dreaded “geddown” in a stern voice, the cute took over and I caved. I admit it, I caved. How could one resist this…

Did you say lunch?

…or this….

You're ignoring me. I can change that....

or this…

Use this gold here with the red...

and this….

My work here is done.

until finally playtime was over, and the bird feeder got all the attention….



Needless to say, the scrap pile is a now mess and needs to be sorted out and cut into useable chunks and bits of fabric goodness.

Anyway. TTFN

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