Summer may be on its way…..

The last few days have been wonderful….sunny, warm, lazy….and the bbq still works after serving as a snowbank for months! Himself has been busy with yard duties, setting up the summer furniture, dusting off the garden fru-fru, making things generally neat and tidy. The front lawn needs to be mowed, but I am hesitant yet because there are still tiny little blue flowers blooming all over the lawn, and they are lovely. The hostas have grown a foot in the last few days, and there are tiny leaves on the dwarf maple. I am so glad to see that! The snow came early last fall, and the wee tree did not get covered in time. I am not supposed to be able to grow one in my hardiness zone, but so far (fingers crossed) it has survived two winters. I am hoping for many more.

During all this warm weather loveliness I have been in the sewing room, working on crap. I have one border left for the round robin I did at Guild this year. Today is the day that is going to get finished. For sure. No more putting it off. Today is the day. I have mounds of scraps and clutter to clean up, but not the will to do it.

I am having far too much fun actually sewing. The clutter can wait – I have lots of bags I can shove it into until that rainy day when I have nothing else to do. I do have a plan. I do intend to sort through all that mess and cut the useable pieces into strips and squares to use as leaders and enders for scrap quilts (idea via Bonnie Hunter and Lori Holt – two very clever ladies!). The ones too tiny for even fusible applique will be made into pet beds for the local animal shelter.

Finished up a sample for a fall pillow last night. I had previously made two samples in different colourways, but both of them ended up at someone’s house other than mine. Funny how that happens. I am happy with this one – it is rather plain design wise, but the colour is to be the star, not the design.

I also changed the shape of the leaf, and am happier with this design – you can compare with the photo of the first prototype from my last post. See if you agree.

Another summery pillow idea is in the works. I made a small prototype to see how it would work, and am quite happy with the results. I just need to adjust for a longer, wider pillow. The pinwheels will have to be smaller to allow for more than one. This is my next project after I finish that border. I made my own self promise that I could play only after the border is done!

I think this will make a nice, colourful accent for the front porch chairs. I will add a picture if I ever get some made and actually on the front porch. (I get them made, but they seem to disappear after company comes…I am such a soft touch. Sigh.)

Remember the little runner I started while on holiday? The simple one? The free from the Internet one? The make it in one afternoon one? That “easy” runner class will be going into its third week tomorrow – don’t know if it is the way the instructions are worded (it is really confusing to beginners to differentiate between the “light” fabric (the background) and the “light patterned” fabric (colour A). The construction order is also odd. I would have worded the instructions a lot differently, but it is not my pattern. Lesson learned – even though I made a sample with any corrections written on my pattern sheet – if it sounds confusing to me, it will be equally so to those in the class. Choose another design.

Anyway. TTFN


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