Finally….some work done!

Well, I am sorry to report that I have still not set foot in the sewing room, except to drop off some bags of fabric I don’t need but had to have. Things are starting to really pile up in there now….harder and harder to get through the door, and I have no more floor space left to drop any more bags of fabric on!

I do need to get going though, as I have yet to make the sample for the tote bag class I am teaching soon. Must move butt off couch…put down coffee cup….turn off iPad….

I have, however, spent hours getting some patterns converted to downloadable content. They have been sent to for sale there. Hopefully some will find their way to market in the Quiltwoman catalog. Here’s the visual:

IMG_0003 (800x600) IMG_0386 (800x600)

I also added some new free patterns, so you can trot on over to Maudie’s Cottage and get you some. Here’s a peek:

Towels resized IMG_0395 (800x600)

I have no brain left. I have grown to hate Word even more than I used to. I am starting to enjoy Adobe Acrobat- how sad is that. I fear WordPress. Yes, it’s definitely time to go play with some fabric and thread. And have more coffee.

Anyway, TTFN


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