More nothing…..

So guess what I did again this week……Yes! that’s right! I did more nothing. I lazed around, did a bit of cleaning, watched a fair amount of TV and Youtube, collected a bunch of patterns from Pinterest to make this fall, designed a few quilts in EQ, and stuffed myself with potato salad.


Went to the Blueberry Festival in Paradise, Michigan – well to be really factual, went to the quilt shop in Paradise and drove through the festival – got some primo fabric to play with. Also discovered an excellent little shop called Lavender Cottage in Curtis, Michigan – spent a happy hour there picking out some great fabrics and notions. They have three cats there, all beauties. And she has a longarm set up in the shop – instant jealous.

Had supper at the cottage last night. It has been a strange sort of summer. August is usually stinking hot, but this year, after a horrific Polar Vortex winter, we are experiencing a Polar Vortex summer. I know! I’d never heard of such a thing either! But apparently, our weather system is stuck in a big loop where it circles the Arctic picking up cold air and then shares it with us as it circles around. There is no mitigating El Nino to add warmth or to push it out if its cycle, so we are having a colder, damper, less sunny summer. It sucks. We, however, are hardy stock, and refuse to let the weather slow us down, so off to the cottage we go. Only the very young or the foolish brave the cold water for swimming, but I can manage a margarita rain or shine – the only question being…does she sit on a sunny deck or in front of a warming fire? This summer it has been both. Flannel jammies and socks have been worn. Rain jackets are in the closets, drying out. Heavy socks in the rubber boots – reminds me of autumn days at the cottage, and it is too early yet for that!

2014-08-18 16.50.59 (598x800) 2014-08-18 16.51.15 (800x598) 2014-08-18 16.52.30 (800x598) 2014-08-18 16.53.00 (800x598)Anyway, TTFN.

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