Quilting on the Island

Well, another show has come and gone, and I am exhausted. Not complaining….I love this tiny quilt show, and will happily vend there every year. The people who visit the show inspire me with their awe at the excellent work done by the quilters, and that is what keeps me going – you need an appreciative audience to motivate you.

By now, we know lots of folks, and look forward to a visit on their way by our booth. We also look forward to the tea room, and all the homemade goodies to munch on. Grace’s scones are famous round here, sooooo goooood!! We were too slow this year – couldn’t even locate a crumb. Had to be satisfied with some home made cinnamon buns. How sad.

There were some exceptional quilts this year, and some exceptional quilting, both hand and machine. The Guild (www.saultquilts.com)will be posting photos of the show, I am sure, so I did not take pictures of the quilts this year. I did take a few of my booth. I had 5 new patterns and 4 new free patterns to debut. Now if I could only convince the world to rush to my website to buy them……..

Here, take a look:

Such fun, so exhausting, ( why yes, I DO leave everything till the last minute and then try to do a month’s work in a day) now it’s naptime, and the rest of August will be used to clean and reorganize my Room of Shame…… this is my sewing room today, after preparing for the show – try not to be too appalled.

Until next time, tara!


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