It’s all my fault…..

I admit it. There I was, admiring the large fluffy snowflakes that were gently falling, being turned into diamonds by the streetlights. “Oh how lovely” I exclaimed, then clapped my hands over my mouth, eyes wide with terror. Had I said that out loud? Could those dang winter fairies hear me? Apparently I must have yelled it, because this is what they sent:


2014-11-13 08.49.46 (956x1280) 2014-11-13 08.48.44 (1280x956) 2014-11-13 08.48.23 (1280x956) 2014-11-13 08.47.13 (1280x956) 2014-11-13 08.42.34 (1280x956)

It snowed, then melted, then began snowing again. It has not really stopped. Himself has had to snow blow the driveway twice, and that’s after our neighbour already cleared it once. In 2 days. This is mid November. By January we should be completely buried. Mr. Butch is none too impressed either. He just sits and stares, looks at me accusingly, then goes for a nap.


2014-11-13 08.45.49 (956x1280) 2014-11-13 08.51.59 (956x1280)


I had some tiny corners that I had cut from blocks I was making for charity quilts – I cannot bear to throw out good fabric so I saved them all. I pinned them together, let them gather dust for a month or so, then decided I really should do something with them. This morning I sewed them all up as half square triangles. They should finish to about 1 1/4″ square – I plan to trim them all before ironing the seams. Not sure what they will be used for – I may play with some zig zag layouts for mug rugs or something….we’ll see.


2014-11-13 08.42.05 (1280x956)

So as I head to the kitchen for another cup of coffee I notice it is still snowing. Oh yahoo. If only I’d kept my mouth shut……

Anyway, TTFN.

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