It’s been a long time, Baby….

I know, I know…’s been a very long time since my last post, if anybody cares. I have my reasons, though. The snow from the lovely photos from my last post all melted – November became weird and really warm and rainy for a few days – so the melted snow decided it should maybe visit our basement family room. About three inches came in to say “Hello”, and ruin the carpeting. Now I did want to someday replace the carpet as it had definitely seen better days, but not quite in this way, and not right before Christmas. We called for professional help, which arrived surprisingly quickly, to remove the water. Our meager efforts proved ineffective….we’d vacuum it up, and more would come in to take its place. We needed the big guns.

The carpet was torn out that day, the big furniture pieces put on stilts, boxes, bins, bags, and assorted whatnot cleared out of the family room, the laundry area, and the two big closets, and moved to other rooms and the garage. My sewing room became an electronics and electrical equipment storage area. I could not find a clear path to my fabric. My machines were crowded on a table they now had to share with a laptop and a cutting machine. I panicked. I had a month until Christmas and nothing ready. I still needed to cut and sew. I had gift boxes to make – tons of them!

I managed to struggle through. My sewing room is still not back to its optimal state. Our living room became my family/craft/computer area. Himself has a big TV in the master bedroom he uses to play games on. Thank God for that or we would not have had television for over 2 months either! (I know what you’re thinking, who needs television anyway…but YOU stay home all day for months with your retired husband under your feet and tell me what you think of television THEN!)

So….the whole house is a disaster area. I have the buffet and the tables and desks loaded with crap, trying to train Butch NOT to jump up on them. Looks horrible, and I have to have a spray bottle in every room. Butch unfortunately is a slow learner. The other day I had to remove him from inside the fireplace – half a spray bottle of water and little sooty footprints all over my living room rug later, he finally got the message. Thankfully he is no longer interested in the fireplace but I can’t keep the little asshole off the tables and buffet. It has become a battle of wills.

December is but a blur. I spent the week before Christmas helping my niece in her shop. It had been a looooong time since I had put in a full day’s work on my feet! I will be lending a hand for a few days for the Valentine’s holiday – her busiest time of the year (although judging by the pictures of the wedding she just did, if that kind of business keeps up she won’t have time to breathe – but I hope it does, and that her business is a roaring success!)

January is kind of blurry too! We had some great birthday dinners that month – excellent food and wonderful company. I got very little (if any) sewing done in my horror of a sewing/storage room. But Guild, Guild in the States, EQ, and Applique Club started up again for the new year.

I now have lunch most Fridays with the gals from Embroidery Club, and sew every Tuesday with my sis in laws. Oh, and spring is on its way – the days are getting longer!

I would like to become more organized this year. I would love to have a weekly meal plan and be a wise shopper, have actual goals and set time limits, have to do lists and make myself do the items on them……in other words, I am trying to teach myself not to procrastinate. So far, I have downloaded a ton of printables for weekly menus, to do lists and reminders. I dug out my old day planner from when I was still actually working so I could use said printables. I have spent hours researching on the internet HOW to use these things…..I have never done a meal plan in my life. I make lists, but usually for packing, groceries, and shopping….I’m pretty much useless at planning out my week and sticking to it. But I am going to try, dammit! I want to be organized! For once! During the time away from sewing I have taken the opportunity to design about a half dozen quilts in EQ. I want to make each one, and not just a few sample blocks. This is going to take planning and organization. I have already wasted this much of February just reading about it! I am so weak!

They finally came yesterday with the area rug for the family room, and to try and fix the (to my eye) botched installation job of my new, beautiful vinyl floor – no more carpeting in the basement for me! Area rugs only from now on – makes any cleanup (and flood recovery) so much easier. So for the next week I will be sorting, organizing, and putting to rights our family room. I can hardly wait to get back down there and watch the Walking Dead on the big plasma! I can hardly wait to have my sewing room back! (It so needs to be cleaned up and organized after the hurricane that was Christmas swept through it). And guess what….Butch is up on the table. His name should be Geddown!!

Anyway, TTFN.

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  1. Bagster says:

    Hope your all organized now. I soooo love reading your blog and looking at your pics. I miss ya gf.