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Giving Back

This fall when the kids are back in school and things are getting somewhat back to normal, take some time to plan how you are going to give back this year. Here’s some ideas:

Start your baking early. Make a batch or two of something and put it in the freezer where no one will find it. Do this twice a month at least. By Christmas you will have enough baked goods to take a nice plate of something homemade and a thermos of fresh coffee to your local fire station or ambulance station.

Or take some baked goodies, some walker and wheel chair caddies, slippers, shawls  and your friendly smile to the residents of nursing homes. Many of those souls have no visitors. How sad a state that we can forget what they have done for us and just leave them to fade away.

Contact your local animal shelter to find out their criteria for pet beds and help those poor critters out! It takes only moments of your time to bring a bit of care into the life of a bitty thing that has no home, no love.

Make it a family affair – involve your children, sisters, aunts, husbands, whoever. Remember to be kind and generous, and GET BUSY!


walker caddy tie on

velcro walker tote

Walker Bag

wheelchair caddy

fleece wrap

fleece slippers

sewing for animal shelters

snuggles project

what you need to do to make beds for animal shelters


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